Dental Crowns

What is a crown?


Dental Crowns are essentially caps for damaged teeth. tooth cap are used on teeth that are too heavily damaged for a simple filling. Such as large cavities, worn, or even broken teeth.


What are dental crowns made of?

Crowns are made of a variety of materials, though most commonly porcelain, and metal.

The kind of tooth crown that is used is determined by you and your dentist after taking into account desires for appearance, and the needed strength of the tooth.

Dental Crowns Specialist Tucson

We then take an impression of your tooth, fashion a temporary dental crown and place it over your tooth to restore functionality of the tooth and reduce pain while we make your permanent crown in the lab.

After the permanent tooth crown is finished which can sometimes take up to a few weeks we will then bring you back in to the office to finish the installation of your crown.

The temporary crown will be removed, and the permanent crown be placed over top the remaining tooth having been shaped to fit exactly.

Crowns do require care just like any other tooth does, they must be brushed and flossed regularly.

Though additionally, care should be taken to avoid excessive abuse such as crunching ice as this can cause your crowns to break depending on the material they have been made from.

Dental Crowns Tucson

Added dental protection, strength and beauty can be achieved by having dental crowns applied at our dental office in Tucson. Crowns are often necessary after a root canal treatment, when a tooth is badly broken, or when large or numerous fillings leave a tooth structurally weak.

You can select from crowns made of several materials such as gold or porcelain-to-gold, porcelain and stainless steel. Full ceramic crowns are also available and they are often selected by our Tucson dental patients because they provide a more natural appearance to your smile.

Our Tucson dentists at wilmot family dentistry can offer the most advanced porcelain crown solutions.

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Dental Crowns Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Dental Crowns last

The average lifespan of a crown in the U.S. is about 10 years, however there are many factors that go into determining the lifespan of a crown.

Does dental insurance cover crowns?

Insurance coverage for dental crowns depends on the specifications of the patient’s dental insurance plan.

What are dental crowns made of?

In our office we use a durable material called zirconia to create our crowns. It is a naturally white material that can easily mimic the natural shade of your teeth and its bio-compatibility ensures its safety in your mouth.

What does a dental crown look like?

Dental crowns are made to look like your natural tooth.

Do dental crowns hurt?

We believe that dental treatment should be comfortable; however, it is not uncommon to have short term sensitivity following a dental treatment including crowns and fillings. We always aim for our patients to have a quick and comfortable visit.

How much dental crown cost?

The price of a dental crown varies depending on your individual dental needs and dental insurance plan.

How does a dental crown work?

Getting a crown placed involves first preparing your tooth — the removal of decay, a root canal or both. Then, we use a 3D scanner to capture the anatomy of the existing tooth to create a personalised crown. The crown is then structured to fit the existing tooth.

How long does a dental crown take?

The procedure to place a crown takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The dentist will take a scan so that the crown fits the exact shape of your tooth, then temporary restoration is used to protect the tooth until the crown is ready. You should take special care of this temporary cap and avoid eating hard or sticky foods to prevent it from cracking. After about two and a half weeks, your dentist will have the crown ready.

Will dental insurance cover crown replacement?

Dental insurance plans will typically have a replacement frequency of five to 10 years, depending on the individual’s plan.

Are dental crowns permanent?

Dental crowns are a permanent “cap” for your tooth, fully enclosing it with a cover made from a durable material called zirconia.

How is a dental crown fitted?

The dentist will take a 3D scan so that the crown fits the exact shape of your tooth.

Can a dental crown be removed and replaced?

Yes, and there are a few reasons why removal would be necessary. Recurrent decay, crown material fracture or a void in a previously placed crown are some of the causes.

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