Dental Emergency Service Tucson

Dental Emergency Service Tucson


Many people will face a true dental emergency at some point in their lives. If an emergency dental care arises, seeing the dentist right away is essential.

When dental problems cannot safely wait for treatment, our emergency dentist team is poised to provide immediate care for our patients.

Why Is Emergency Dental Care Essential?

Sometimes, a dental condition needs immediate care, to avoid further damage or oral health dangers. Our team understands dental emergencies can be frightening and painful.

The following are some of the dental conditions or types of dental emergencies we treat on an emergency basis.

    Severe Toothaches

    When a severe toothache strikes, it will sometimes need immediate treatment for relief. Frequently, tooth pain can be a sign of a serious condition that requires emergency dental treatment.

    Lost Fillings or Broken Crowns

    When dental appliances break or become damaged, pain can sometimes ensue. Because these appliances protect vulnerable teeth, they need to be replaced right away. We fix the problem and stop the discomfort.


    Tooth and gum infections can seem to come on suddenly, without any warning. Sometimes, a tooth abscess can be dangerous, and treatment needs to be carried out promptly, to avoid spreading the infection. Signs of infection include a swollen jaw, pus drainage, pain, and fever. Seek immediate dental treatment to protect your oral and overall health.

    Although some oral health issues can wait for a emergency dental appointment, there is sometimes a need for immediate care. We are here to help our patients through their dental crisis, to make sure they receive the dental care they need.

    Going to the Emergency Dental Care Room Is Not the Answer

    Although some people go to the ER when they have a dental emergency, this is not always the best choice. Hospitals charge way more for an ER visit than a dental office. One of the biggest reasons for avoiding the ER for Emergency Dental Service is they likely cannot help.

    Other than giving pain medication or antibiotics, the ER doctors cannot perform any dental work, making a visit to the hospital a waste of time. Our office is often available for same-day care for true dental emergencies tucson that can not wait for a scheduled office visit.

    When you go to the ER for a dental issue, you could be sent away. If you are seen, there is very little they can do to ease your pain and treat the problem properly.

    Allow our expert dental team to handle your dental emergency and provide the best care that will prevent further issues from arising.

    24 Hour Emergency Dentist Near you

    Book an appointment with our emergency dentist near Tucson, or call us today at 520-214-4890 for more information.

    Is It a True Dental Emergency?


    Dental Emergencies Tucson AZ

    Our patients sometimes find it difficult to know whether they have a true dental emergency. It is not just pain that sets emergency dental issues apart.

    If you are experiencing any of the following, call our office right away.

    • When an accident causes damage to the teeth or mouth, it is wise to see the dentist right away. Proper care can help to avoid long-term oral health problems and damage.
    • Pus drainage is something that should never be ignored because it means an infection has struck. Allow us to find the source and offer sound treatment that will bring the infection under control and protect your oral health.
    • Severe pain is a sign that should never be overlooked, and most people cannot. Pain can be caused by tooth damage, cavities, and infections.
    • Excessive bleeding in the mouth should always be checked by a dentist. Blood loss can be serious, especially if it is excessive and ongoing. We will uncover the cause and offer triage treatment and care.
    • Losing a tooth can be frightening. When blunt force trauma occurs or a tooth is unstable, it can sometimes be knocked from its socket. In some cases, teeth can be reseated, especially if dental treatment is sought early.

    What to Expect from Our Emergency Dental Services

    Dental emergencies can be scary and more importantly, painful. At Wilmot Family Dentistry, if available, we can often provide same-day emergency dental treatment for new and existing patients so that you can get the care you need, when you need it and be out of dental pain quickly.

    Because we provide an array of dental services, we assure that we can assess and correct whatever dental emergency you experience, whether it is minor or severe. Broken or chipped teeth, swollen jaws, or the immediate need to treat a dental infection are just some examples of unexpected traumas that can affect your daily routine. If a dental emergency happens during our normal business hours, don’t hesitate to call.

    We understand dental emergencies are stressful, and we want to help you feel calm, knowing your situation will be handled with prompt and caring service. We treat our patients how we would want to be treated in such an emergency, even if this is your first time being seen.

    Common Emergency Dental Services include:

    • Root canals– dental infection
    • Cracked, broken, or ejected teeth
    • Painful, swollen, or bleeding gums

    Our Team Is Dedicated to Protecting Your Oral Health

    At Wilmot Family Dentistry, our team works to ensure our patients’ smiles are healthy and protected. We provide the extensive dental care our patients of all ages require. Dr. Lyman is dedicated to providing emergency dental care when our patients need them most.

    We want your family to feel confident in the dental care we provide. We are here to give the highest level of care, even when a dental emergency arises outside of our normal hours or on weekends.

    Dr. Lyman and his team are here to guide patients through dental emergencies and bring calming relief to the situation. Give us a call when dental issues arise, and we will provide the treatment you need right away.

    Call Us Right Away for Tucson Emergency Dentist

    If you are suffering from a dental emergency call our expert emergency dentist now. Do not hesitate to give our office a call.

    We have the experience and tools to effectively assess your oral health issue and provide thorough care that brings the condition under control and gives you peace of mind. In any dental emergency, your dentist is only a phone call away.

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